Sunday, November 18, 2012

ALERT! Protest/Signholding at the Federal Building
Protest the Crimes of Your Government!
End the Siege of Gaza!
Monday, November 19, 2012, 4-5:30pm

Bombs and rockets made in the USA are raining down on the Palestinian people.

Israel launched the operation on Wednesday, beginning the offensive with an unexpected airstrike that killed Hamas' powerful military chief, and since then has relentlessly bombarded Gaza. Yesterday they bombed Hamas's government headquarters in Gaza, completely demolishing it.  At least 64 Palestinians have been killed by rockets and bombs and more than 500 civilians wounded, according to medical officials. The actual number of dead and wounded is undoubtedly much higher. Buildings have been reduced to rubble. Hospitals report that they have few medicines to treat the wounded due to the blockade. During the same period, Israel reports that 3 Israelis have been killed and 50 have been wounded by rocket attacks from Gaza.  Israeli Defense Forces claim 600 airstrikes have struck Gaza.   There were 300 airstrikes on Saturday alone.  Today (Sunday, Nov 17) we woke to the news that a residential building had been bombed.  Eleven civilians were killed and many more were wounded.   Reports from hospitals report burns consistent with phosphorus bombing. Israel's military, including 75,000 reservists who were called up for special duty, are now amassed on the border, and are preparing for a ground invasion.    During the last several days there have been hundreds of demonstrations against Israel's attacks on Gaza, including within Israel itself. See a partial list here: protests. Join us at the Federal Building on Monday! Bring signs if you're able. Come for 10 minutes or 90. Demand an end to U.S support for Israel! Not In Our Name! For information on the current situation:

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