Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Signholding Saturday at Obama's residence!
9am - 11am, Saturday Dec 20th
Corner of North Kalaheo & Kailuana
(near Aikahi Park Shopping Center

Drones - Torture - Guantanamo - Demilitarization....
Get your signs ready and join us Saturday!

Even while the world is reeling from the disclosure of some of the details of the U.S. torture program, drones are continuing to drop on the people of Iraq, Pakistan and Yemen. Drones are constantly buzzing over the Gaza Strip, creating an atmosphere of fear.

  Some are decrying the use of torture during the Bush administration, but little is being said about the Obama's drone program or Obama's "kill list" - all of which continue. Individuals targeted by drones have no opportunity to defend themselves; civilians in the vicinity of the assassination are written off as "collateral damage! Join us to demand that torturers be prosecuted. Join us in demanding an end to drone killing and surveillance.

 Whatever your issue, join us this Saturday!

 World Can't Wait-Hawai`i will bring some posters you can use or come with your own. We suggest parking at Aikahi Shopping Center and walking back toward Kailua along Kalaheo (Kailuana is only a few blocks away, just across the bridge). Contact your friends to car-pool. A car will leave the Revolution Books parking lot at 8:15 am if you need a ride -- but seats are limited so we suggest you e-mail to make sure there's space.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

October 22nd
National Day of Protest Against Police Brutality!
In Honolulu:
9am-noon at UH-Manoa; meet on McCarthy Mall
Banner drops, Displays, Leafleting
6pm:   March Against Police Brutality
Meet in front of the Honolulu Zoo
What kind of society do you want to live in?

Police brutality and police murder are daily occurrences, yet brutal, murdering cops are almost never punished for their crimes;

In Honolulu, HPD shot their weapons at a "suspect" 22 times in a 50 month period; 11 of these shootings were fatal.  This is 4 times the national average, even though Hawai`i's rate of violent crime is one of the lowest in the U.S.

Of 148 complaints of police brutality against HPD, only 5 were sustained; none of the complaints for "unnecessary use of a deadly weapon" was sustained. 


Monday, September 22, 2014

Global Action Day Against the Use of Drones for Surveillance & Killing
Saturday, October 4, 2014
Protest & Signholding at the Corner of Kapahulu & Kapiolani
(in front of the Honolulu Zoo)
9:30am - 11am
Co-sponsored by World Can't Wait-Hawai`i & The Coalition for Justice in Palestine

The U.S. is using weaponized drones to drop bombs and conduct surveillance in Iraq, Yemen, Pakistan Syria, and Somalia; 
Police Departments in the US are acquiring drones for surveillance within the U.S.;
The U.S. is using the "immigrant border crisis" to acquire even more drones;
Israel is using drones for killing and surveillance in Palestine;
Germany is planning to install 100 drone air bases
and drones are proliferating globally.

If you're outraged by use of drones for killing and surveillance join us on Saturday!

The No Drones Network ( and KnowDrones ( have issued a call for a global day of action against drone killing and surveillance on Saturday, October 4th.

For an excellent article on the Obama's drone plan in Iraq and Syria see:

Our Saturday protest (with our big drone replica) will be seen by tourists, as well as local residents headed for the beach and Zoo.   We'll have signs - or bring your own!  


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Thursday, August 14:  The Judge in the trial of Christopher Deedy acquitted Deedy of murdering Kollin Elderts and declared a hung jury with regard to the remaining charges of manslaughter and assault.   On August 29th she is to report on the status of the case and whether there will be a re-trial, or whether it will be dismissed.

Friday, August 15th:  About 100 people responded to a call made by the Coalition for Justice for Kollin Elderts and gathered in front of the Honolulu Zoo for a rally and a march through Waikiki. 

Before the march, statements by organizers called on people to continue to fight for justice for Kollin Elderts, and against racism everywhere.  The murder of Kollin Elderts was linked to the epidemic of police brutality across the U.S., and especially to the recent murders of Eric Garner in New York and Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.  

Carrying signs reading "Justice for Kollin Elderts:  Victim of Racism," along with placards with the pictures of Elderts, Garner and Brown, the crowd took off along Kalakaua Avenue chanting:  "Justice! Justice! Justice for Kollin Elderts" and "Ku`e" as an agitator linked the murder of Kollin Elderts with the murders of Eric Garner and Michael Brown and called on people along the route to join the march. Many tourists were stunned that in Hawai`i - a place praised for racial harmony - they would be faced with demonstrators protesting murder by law enforcement and a racist system.  

About 60 people gradually swelled to almost 100 as local people, a Black family, a homeless man, and others joined in.   A street performer along the route shared his own story about Kollin:  how Kollin had always stopped to put money in his hat and had complimented him on his performance.   A Kailua man who knew Kollin from his high school days recalled Kollin fondly saying:  "That agent gotta pay for murder."   A man from St. Louis, and with family in Ferguson, said he was calling home each day to hear more about the demonstrators there, but never expected to see Michael Brown's picture at a protest in Hawai`i. 

As the march neared the Kuhio McDonald's where Kollin was murdered, Jon Osorio picked up the bullhorn and began singing "Hawai`i Aloha" as many in the crowd joined in and then stopped in front of McDonald's for a quieter time to remember Kollin's life.  

Then the march took off again, returning to Kalakaua Avenue for a noisy return to the park. 

The rally and march were both covered by local and national media and reports were carried on the evening news as well as the Star-Advertiser.   Following are some photos:

 photo L1260682_zps86f649e6.jpeg
(photo by Ed Greevy)

 photo DSC_09322_zps2582595f.jpeg
(photo by Ed Greevy)

 photo IMG_0718_zpsca569ebe.jpg
(photo by Ed Greevy)

 photo IMG_0702_zpsc963768a.jpg

 photo L1270182_zps6e7a599c.jpeg

Thursday, August 14, 2014



State Department Federal Agent is guilty of MURDER!

The Judge in the trial of Christopher Deedy just announced that the jury has ended deliberations.   Deedy is ACQUITTED of murder but there's a hung jury on the charges of manslaughter, two degrees of assault, and intention to use a deadly weapon.   She will make a ruling on August 29th as to how the case will proceed. This could result in a 3rd trial on the charges of manslaughter or the assaults, or dismissal.   The defense is already arguing that a 3rd trial would be too expensive.

This is an outrage! It is urgent that we continue to demand Justice for Kollin Elderts and that Agent Deedy be charged with murder!   It is now up to US!

Come to a March for justice for Kollin Elderts on Friday evening. Assemble at the Honolulu Zoo at 6pm with your signs and your noisemakers. The march will go down Kalakaua Avenue where thousands will witness our rage demand for justice. Many will be tourists coming to "paradise" to escape, but tomorrow night they must confront the reality. Whether in New York City, Ferguson, or Honolulu, Black and Brown youth are being targeted by the murderous enforcers of this racist system! This cannot be allowed to continue!  We say:  NO MORE!

 Our hearts go out to the family of Kollin Elderts. The family has experienced the sorrow and pain of having their beloved son, brother, nephew and cousin killed by an agent of this racist system. They have endured the lies that have been told about Kollin. They have suffered through two trials - forced to relieve the murder again and again while hoping that there will finally be justice. Today was a tremendous disappointment for them. We don't know if any of the family will be attending tomorrow evenings march but they have voiced their support for the action.

Protest Against John Kerry and U.S. Support of the Israel's Assault on Palestine

It was 11am and as invited guests signed in and went through heavy security prior to John Kerry's arrival at the East-West Center on the University of Hawai`i campus, more than a 100 protesters began gathering in front of the center. Most held signs in solidarity with the people of Palestine:  "Free Palestine," "End U.S. Support for Israel," "U.S. Support for Israel = Death in Gaza," "De-Occupy Hawai`i; De-Occupy Palestine" and many more.  A colorful 12-foot banner read:  "Kerry:  You Have Blood on Your Hands!  End U.S. Support for Israel.!   A small group of Hawaiian nationalists held a "Free Hawai`i" banner. 

The protest was remarkable for its diversity, its passion, and its energy.  

Before Kerry arrived more than 8 speakers took the microphone at a short rally  Their statements were short, strong, and clear..  A young Palestinian speaker spoke of her own personal experience, emphasizing that Israel's current assault on Gaza does not have to do with differences in religion, or history, but is instead political.  A representative from Aloha No ka ʻĀina (MANA) condemned Israel's occupation of Palestine and assault on Gaza, as well as the occupation and militarization of Hawai`i.  A UH student from the Middle East called on faculty and students to come together in support of the Palestinian people.   Rev. Neal McPherson, a member of Friends of Sabeel and F.A.C.E, denounced Israel's immoral and unjust war against the people of Palestine.  World Can't Wait-Hawai`i activists exposed Kerry's hypocrisy and called for protesters to hold him, as well as the Obama administration, accountable for war crimes.

As Kerry's caravan approached at nearly 1pm and attempted to sneak into the back side of the East-West Center, protesters maneuvered into positions where their signs couldn't be missed, chanting:  "John Kerry, You Can't Hide - We Charge You With Genocide" and "From the River to the Sea, "Palestine Must Be Free."   Kerry couldn't have missed the signs and chants (which most of the mainstream media refused to cover or even acknowledge). 

That more than 100 people came out during the workday, and when UH was not in session, gave evidence to the strength many in Hawai`i have with the Palestinian people. 

Following are a few photos:

 photo IMG_0658_zpse737c404.jpg

 photo IMG_0672_zps0d7ded91.jpg

 photo IMG_0673_zpsa79b3ae5.jpg

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Two Urgent Actions Coming Up!

There have been a number of changes to times.  Please check carefully!

JOHN KERRY:   End U.S. Support for Israeli War Crimes!
Wednesday, August 13, 11:30am
Kennedy Theater - across from the East West Center

John Kerry will speak to an invited-only crowd at the East-West Center soon after noon on Wednesday.  Prior to his talk there will be a rally in front of Kennedy Theater, followed by signholding.   Be there by 11:30am!   You can park at the lower campus parking lot for $6.  Be sure to allow enough time to walk to the East-West Center.

This action was called by the Hawai`i Coalition for Justice in Palestine.  There is more information on facebook (Hawai`i Coalition for Justice in Palestine).   You can also scroll down to one of our earlier blogs for more info. 


The Jury in the trial of Christopher Deedy is continuing its deliberations today.  A verdict may be announced at any time.   We are calling for people to respond as follows:

*  Go to State Court (Punchbowl & Halekauwila) on the afternoon the verdict is announced to support the Elderts family if you're able.

IF THE VERDICT IS ANYTHING LESS THAN MANSLAUGHTER (i.e. acquittal, hung jury, or assault), there will be a march in Waikiki on the day after the verdict.   Assemble in front of the Honolulu Zoo at 6pm for a march through Waikiki.   Bring signs. 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

August 5th Protest

On August 5th the Hawai`i Coalition for Justice in Palestine held its 4th protest at the corner of Atkinson & Ala Moana Blvds.   About 60 people held signs visible to the thousands of motorists who were headed in and out of Waikiki. 

On August 13th the Coalition has put out a call for a protest calling for an end to U.S. Support for Israeli War Crimes when John Kerry speaks at the East West Center.  The exact time is still unknown and will be announced on this site as soon as it is known.   

For more info on the demo on August 13th, as well as the call for a response to the verdict in the Christopher Deedy case, scroll down to the next blog.  Following are a few photos from August 5th.


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Date: August 7, 2014
Subject: Urgent Calls to Action!

Following are two Calls to Action. The first is a protest to End U.S. Support of Israel; the second is to respond to the verdict of Christopher Deedy. '

Protest and Rally!
End U.S. Support for Israel!
John Kerry: You have the blood on your hands!
Wednesday, August 13 (time to be announced)
In front of Kennedy Theatre (across from the East-West Center)

John Kerry is the front-man for the Obama administration's support for Israeli war crimes in Palestine. He has repeatedly reassured Israel of the U.S.'s support for their war crimes. He announced the U.S. was providing Israeli with additional military support, including mortar ammunition that even the U.S. military describes as "imprecise," even as civilians were being murdered by those same weapons.

John Kerry will speak at the East-West Center on his return from a Asia-Pacific tour that includes talks in Burma, Australia, and the Solomon Islands (tour). The tour focuses on U.S. relations with ASEAN countries, especially U.S.-Australia military relations designed to strengthen U.S. control in the region.

This protest, called by Hawai`i Coalition for Justice in Palestine, will hold John Kerry and the US administration responsible for supporting war crimes against Palestine, and connect these to conditions of Occupation in Palestine and the Pacific. Prior to the protest there will be a rally with speakers from Movement for Aloha No ka ʻĀina (MANA), World Can't Wait, Friends of Sabeel, and UH-M (among others). More info is available on Facebook at "Hawaii Coalition for Justice in Palestine." The specific time of John Kerry's remarks at the East-West Center has not been announced but we expect it to be in the late afternoon or early evening. Watch for updates.

Justice for Kollin Elderts!

The trial of Christopher Deedy has ended and the jury is now in deliberations. A verdict could come be announced at any time.

World Can't Wait-Hawai`i urges everyone who can to go to the Courthouse (Punchbowl & Halekauwila) between 4-6 on the afternoon of the verdict to support the Elderts family regardless of the verdict.

If the verdict is anything other than murder or manslaughter (i.e. acquittal or assault) there World Can't Wait-Hawai`i is calling for a protest demanding JUSTICE FOR KOLLIN ELDERTS on the day after the verdict. Gather in front of the Honolulu Zoo with your signs, banners, drums, and noisemakers. We will march through Waikiki. (A few T-shirts are still available at Revolution Books for $5) More information will be sent out shortly and we'll send an alert as soon as we hear the verdict. Check your e-mail regularly

Friday, August 1, 2014

August 5 - Protest to End U.S.-Backed Israeli War Crimes!

Tuesday, August 5, 4-6pm
Protest to End U.S. Support for Israeli War Crimes Against Occupied Palestine

On each of the past three Tuesdays more than 100 people have come out to protest Israel's vicious assault on Gaza.   About 70 people marched from the State Capitol to the corner of Atkinson & Ala Moana holding signs, drumming, and chanting.  At Ala Moana/Atkinson they joined about 30 more who were holding signs.

What's happening in Gaza is Genocide!  Three UN refugee centers bombed.  More than 1.8 million people trapped in conditions that have been compared to those of the Warsaw Ghetto.   People told by Israel to flee their homes to refugee centers, where they are then bombed by Israel!   More than 1400 dead.  More than 8,200 wounded..  More than 80% of the casualties are civilians.  Drones flying overhead 24-7, creating an atmosphere of constant fear.

At the same time, the U.S. shamelessly re-arms Israel with military weaponry even their own generals describe as "imprecise."   In our names!

Silence = Complicity!   Speak out everywhere -- in your churches, in your classrooms, among your friends and at your workplace.  Urge people to join the weekly actions to publicly speak out against U.S./Israeli war crimes!    Write letters to the editors.  Call the media to demand that they cover the demonstrations (news of local protests has been notably missing!

Following are a few photos from the last march.
 photo c695f9ec-2d91-40e6-9585-b546a091a86e_zpsc5593fb6.jpg

 photo d0c59568-9c56-4a17-9fe8-77765baeabdf_zps4419184a.jpg

 photo 2e4e1f14-1186-4856-85f8-c7a91dc7b8d5_zps32fbb133.jpg

Friday, July 25, 2014

Protest on Tuesday, July 29th!

March to End U.S. Support for
Israeli War Crimes Against Occupied Palestine
Tuesday, July 29, 4-6pm
Gather at the State Capitol by 4pm

On each of the last two Tuesdays, more than 100 people responded to a call to protest at the corners of Atkinson/Ala Moana that was sent out by the AdHoc Coalition made up of community members, activists and academics.

This week's action will be a march. Gather at the State Capitol at 4. The march begins promptly at 4:15. Bring signs if you have them. The march will end at the corner of Ala Moana and Atkinson, where they will join others holding signs there. 

Those not marching, meet up to demonstrate/sign-wave from 4-6pm at the corners of Ala Moana and Atkinson Boulevards where you'll be joined by marchers. Some rides will be provided to take people back to the Capitol. 

World Can't Wait-Hawai`i is organizing sign-making at Revolution Books on Sunday from 12-4pm. Some big pens, paints, brushes, and poster board will be provided but feel free to bring more. Stop by for a few minutes or for a few hours. Revolution Books is at 2626 So. King Street (between Puck's Alley & 7-11. Drive into the King Street entrance to Puck's Alley and take a quick right. Parking in front is free. 

People of conscience cannot remain silent! Israel is guilty of war crimes againt the people of Occupied Palestine and is enabled by United States financial support of over $3 billion in aid per year. Today a U.N. sponsored refugee center in Gaza was bombed, killing 15 people and wounding 80 more.   Silence = Complicity!

In protesting, we join together with Palestinians and the international community in opposing Israel’s violations of international law. Our tax dollars are supporting Israel’s massacre of the Palestinian residents of Gaza, the bombing of hospitals and homes, the use of illegal weapons, and the destruction of the infrastructure in which the 1.8 million people of Gaza are imprisoned, with no way to leave, and without adequate water or power. As of Wednesday, there have been over 700 killed; one-third of these have been children. These are war crimes, and crimes against humanity. For the latest update from the Ad Hoc Coalition visit "March Against U.S. Support for Israeli War Crimes in Occupied Gaza on Facebook

U.S. Support for Israel = Death in Gaza!  

 photo IMG_0582_zps18a5e273.jpg

 photo IMG_0570_zpsf855cee6.jpg

 photo IMG_0577_zpse36669ba.jpg

Monday, July 21, 2014


Tuesday, July 22, 4-6pm
Action To End U.S. Support for Israeli Crimes in Occupied Palestine!

An AdHoc Coalition of community members, activists and academics will hold a demonstration against war crimes that Israel is imposing on occupied Palestine utilizing United States financial support of over $3 billion in aid per year. The event will be held on Tuesday July 22nd from 4-6pm at the corners of Ala Moana and Atkinson Boulevards.

 Last Tuesday's action brought out more than 100.  The number exceeded organizers' expectations and diversity was remarkable.  People from dozens of ethnicities.  Young mothers with infants.  Children with theirown signs made with crayons.  Seniors in their 70's and 80's sitting in folding chairs and young men carrying banners.    Christians, Muslims, Jews, Atheists and Buddhists stood together to demand an end to U.S. Support for Israel's war crimes.  
Come out this Tuesday to grow our numbers and send an even strong message to the thousands of people who pass this corner in trolley cars, trucks, cars, and on foot. 
There's parking at Ala Moana but come early to find a space (limited since construction).  There's generally parking in Ala Moana Park but it may be a longer walk. 
 photo IMG_0555_zps4d44fc7f.jpg
 photo IMG_0550_zps6e687f80.jpg

  photo IMG_0528_zps2fcc8a74.jpg

 photo IMG_0521_zps5a338092.jpg

Monday, July 14, 2014

July 15, 4-6pm, Ala Moana Blvd & Atkinson Intersection
(near Ala Moana Shopping Center)
Note: This is a venue change from the Federal Bldg.
Emergency Protest Aganst the Bombing of Gaza!
US + Israel Collusion = DEATH in Gaza!

As Israeli "made in the USA" bombs rain down on the people of Gaza, people in the U.S. from all political perspectives, religious faiths, and walks of life need to be OUT IN THE STREETS!

At least 150 Palestinians have been killed since July 8, most of them women and children. More than 1,000 have been wounded, the majority of them children, and medical supplies are dwindling. If your heart is sickened by what Palestinians are living and dying through right now, let us confront - and act to help many more people confront - the fact that all this violence and murder is only happening because Israel acts with the full backing of the United States. 

An Ad Hoc Coalition of community members, activists and academics will hold a demonstration against war crimes that Israel is imposing on occupied Palestine utilizing United States diplomatic cover and financial support of over $3 billion in aid per year. The event will be held on Tuesday July 15th from 4-6pm at the corners of Ala Moana and Atkinson Boulevards.

Innocent victims: Palestinians run following what police said was an Israeli airstrike on a house in Gaza City on July 9. The Israeli army intensified its offensive on the Hamas-run Gaza Strip, striking Hamas sites and killing dozens of people in a military operation it says is aimed at quelling rocket fire against Israel. Photo: CNS/Majdi Fathi, Reuters

Friday, July 11, 2014

Times for Friday's action for Justice for Kollin Elderts have changed because the trial now going on.  Instead of signholding at the front of Iolani Palace from 12-12:45, the signholding will be at the 1st Circuit Court after the march.   Here's the updated schedule:

11-11:30 Pule, welcome by the Elderts family, and announcements
11:45 March to Honolulu DSS, 999 Bishop Street, Honolulu DSS Office
12:00 Elderts family deliver petition with Sponsors
12:15  Following the Delivery of the first 1000 signatures in the petition the Elderts family will make a brief Press statement
12:30 March on Courthouse, Punchbowl
1:15 Courthouse, Punchbowl. Statements from Sponsors and Q&A time for sponsors and Elderts Family

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Demand Justice for Kollin Elderts!
Rally, Signholding, March & Press Conference
Friday, July 11, 11am-2pm
Gather at Iolani Palace

On November 5, 2011 U.S. State Department Special Agent Christopher Deedy shot and killed a 23 year-old Hawaiian man, Kollin Elderts, at point blank range at a Waikiki McDonald’s restaurant. The first trial of Agent Deedy ended with a hung jury in August 2013. This was an outrage! The facts in this case are simple: Agent Deedy was drunk and packing his service weapon, which he used to kill an unarmed man. However, Agent Deedy has an entire racist system backing him up. Deedy is still working for the State Department, which is providing for his support.

The re-trial of Christopher Deedy began this morning. There will be an action tomorrow (Friday) from 11am-2pm. Because the trial has begun there have been some changes in plans.

Assemble at the Ahu at Iolani Palace at 11am, where there will be a short rally and orientation,  (The ahu is on the right hand side of the King Street entrance to the Palace.)

A march will go from the Palace to the Diplomatic Security Office (999 King Street at the corner of Bishop/King) to deliver a petition demanding justice for Kollin Elderts. There will be a short press conference, which will include members of the Elderts family, after the petition is delivered.

The march will then proceed to the First Circuit Court (Punchbowl and Halekauwila), where there will be another press conference and signholding.

 Bring water and sunscreen. We'll have some signs or you can bring your own.

Only the people can provide justice for Kollin Elderts. Stand in solidarity with the family of Kollin Elderts and show our commitment to fight for justice for Kollin Elderts!

[Organized by Elderts Ohana, Kihei Soli Niheu's Ohana, Ohana Koa-NFIP, Parents of Murdered Children, Movement for Aloha No ka ʻĀina (MANA), Aloha Aina no Ko'olauloa, World Can't Wait-Hawai`i

Friday, June 13, 2014

"Justice for Kollin Elderts" T-shirts!

T-shirt now available ($5)

Jury selection in the trial of Christopher Deedy is set to begin next week (pending pre-trial motions, including Deedy's Motion to Dismiss). An article on the status of the motion to dismiss, as well as jury selection, is in today's Star-Advertiser.

World Can't Wait Hawai`i has silk-screened a "Justice for Kollin Elderts" T-shirt which is now available for $5 each (the cost of the materials). The T-shirt is white with black lettering and photo. Buy one for yourself, your family, and your friends. Shirts are available in S, M, Lg, and XLg, (We had XXL but they're already gone and we'll be printing more within the next couple of weeks.   You can currently buy them at Revolution Books (all proceeds to World Can't Wait-Hawai`i to cover the cost of producing the shirt).   

 There's a quantity discount (10 shirts = $45).   If you would like us to mail you 10 shirts the cost will be $50.   Send a check for $50 to World Can't Wait-Hawaii, P.O. Box 11225, Honolulu, HI  96828   If you have any questions e-mail us at

Many people have forgotten that Deedy's previous trial for the murder of Kollin Elderts ended in a hung jury and is being re-tried.  Wearing this shirt is a way you can initiate conversation with people about what's happening, and why they need to demand justice for Kollin Elderts.

As more information is available we'll send info about the re-trial and planned actions.   If you aren't already on the World Can't Wait-Hawaii e-list, send us an e-mail asking us to add your name. 

Friday, June 6, 2014

Join the World Can't Wait Contingent in the Pride Parade

Join the World Can't Wait Contingent
in the 2014 Honolulu Pride Parade
Saturday, June 7
Meet at Magic Island by 9:30 am
(look for our blue world flag)

Chelsea Manning (born Bradley Manning), is a U.S. Army soldier and whistleblower who leaked documents to Wikileaks in 2010. The documents exposed the crimes of the U.S. Government in Iraq to millions. Chelsea is a whistleblower, whose courageous actions inspired people around the world.

Chelsea was arrested, held in solitary confinement,and then sentenced in August 2013 to 35 years in prison for telling the truth about U.S. crimes. Soon after that Manning announced that she was a trans woman.    This year Chelsea Manning was chosen as the Honorary Grand Marshal of the San Francisco Pride Parade - the largest pride parade in the world. Last year the Chelsea Manning contingent in the SF parade numbered 1,500! This year there will be Support Chelsea Manning contingents in Pride parades around the world. Our contingent will honor Chelsea Manning for her courage: There is no pride in killing people in other countries!     

 Join World Can't Wait-Hawai`i's contingent in Hawai`i's Pride Parade on Saturday. We'll have a truck decorated with signs supporting Chelsea. Our lead banner will read "Humanity and the Planet Come First." You can walk, ride on our truck, or bring your bicycle, scooter or skateboard. Bring your own signs speaking out against justice of any kind - or pick up one of ours. The parade will leave Magic Island at 10am before marching to Kapiolani Park via Kalakaua.   

 Thousands of people participate in Honolulu's Pride Parade, and thousands more line the street. Make your voices heard!       We'll have water on the truck; bring your own sunscreen. The truck will be returning to Magic Island immediately after the parade so you can get a ride back to the park if you like. There will be a Pride Festival at Kapiolani Park from 11am-4pm.   

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Shut Down Guantanamo! Stop Torture!

It wasn't your usual Friday night in Waikiki as thousands of tourists aiming to escape the realities of the world were instead forced to think about the horrors of Guantanamo.   Confronted with pictures of detainees who have been "released" but continue to be detained at the world's most notorious torrture prison 12 years after being illegally kidnapped, reactions were mixed.  Some hurled ugly epithets:  "Kill them all!,"   "Nuke all those countries," "If they look like that, they're terrorists! 

Many more stopped to take pictures, ask questions, or thank us.  A Pakistani woman who stood away for a time finally came to us saying:  "I saw those pictures and was sure you were saying bad things about them, but then I felt so good when I saw you were with us!"  She asked if she could take pictures to put up on her facebook.   Others from Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Pakistan thanked us enthusiastically.  Japanese tourists smiled broadly and quietly gave us a "thumbs up."    Many took pictures to post on social media.

An ex-Army Ranger was passing by on his bicycle when he stopped and said he'd actually accompanied prisoners to Guantanamo but had no idea what he was really doing.  He'd been in the Army for 11 years, and had gone on 7 deployments.  He quit the military because he couldn't stand the killing.  He was now has PTSD and is unemployed.  Groups of soldiers read the signs, studied the pictures, and stood around in groups to talk among themselves and with us.  Many knew nothing about Guantanamo.  One shook his head and quietly said:  "I thought there wouldn't be another war when I signed up 6 months ago but now I'm worried about the Ukraine."  

We were a small crew, but we had a big presence.  Our signs and photos were seen by thousands; we distributed about 300 leaflets.   As we left a couple who had been watching us stopped us saying:  "Thanks so much.  What you're doing is an inspiration to all of us who should be standing out there with you." 

Monday, May 19, 2014

May 23 Global Day of Action!

Close the USA's Torture Camp at Guantanamo NOW! 

End Indefinite Detention!

Friday, May 23, 6-8pm
Signholding & Leafleting
Corner of Seaside & Kalakaua Avenues

Friday, May 23rd, is a GLOBAL DAY OF ACTION.  Actions have been called in more than 25 cities -- and the list is growing.   We intend to be there with them!

Across the globe, the word “Guantánamo” has come to mean torture, unjust detention, brutality, and inhumane degradation. The prison camp was intended not just to imprison captives but to send a message to the entire world that the U.S. could do whatever it wants to whomever it wants.

One year ago on May 23, when the Guantanamo hunger strike was at its height, Obama promised once again to close the US torture camp at Guantanamo.  Instead the hunger strike was brutally repressed and broken.  Prisoners were forced into isolation cells and force-fed -- both of which are torture.

We must rise up in our hundreds and thousands in villages and cities, here and around the globe, to demand an end to this shameful result of the "war on terror."

Join us at the corner of Seaside & Kalakaua in Waikiki on Friday evening between 6-8pm to join with people around the globe who are demanding the immediate closure of Guantanamo.

We'll have some signs -- and we urge you to bring your own.   Wear Orange!  This is the beginning of the Memorial Day weekend and our message will be seen by thousands, who will then beam pictures around the world via social media.

CLose Guantanamo protest at White House

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Leafleting to Stop Drone Warfare and Drone Surveillance

A small crew got out more than 1300 anti-drone brochures and leaflets at two recent events.  On Tuesday we went to the talk by Al Gore; on Friday to the Bruno Mars Concert.   While we got rained on during leafleting at both events, we felt each was a big success. 

At the Bruno Mars concert we were able to hold our big "Stop the Killer Drones" banner in front of the ticket office while others leafleted the crowd going to the concert.   A few people still didn't know what drones were.  Some refused to take the brochure making comments like "I like drones," "drones give me my job," or "I want a drone of my own."  However, many thanked us for being there and said things like "yeah, get the drones out of Hawai`i" and "drones scare me."  We had little time to actually talk since were rushing to get in line to enter the filled-to-capacity arena but our brochure is very detailed and we hope many people sat down to read it while waiting for the concert to begin.   Thousands more saw our banner. 

Hawai`i is at the center of research and development for drone warfare and surveillance.  Williams Aerospace in Ewa manufactures drones.   UH-Manoa and HPU are both involved in drone research.  Drones are based at Kaneohe and are being tested at Pohakuloa.  Yet many people don't know what they are -- or that they are used to assassinate people and for surveillance. 

We'll continue to concentrate on stopping drone warfare and drone surveillance through the months of April and May as part of the national Campaign (see the national website at  Join us in leafleting outside of the talk by Bill McKibben on climate change on Thursday evening, April 24th.  We'll be at the reception at the Sustainability Courtyard between 5-6pm and then at the Art Dept Auditorium where he's speaking.  After the talk we'll be getting leaflets out at the on-campus Earth Day concert.   We're planning more leafleting events, protests, and a press conference later in April and during the month of May.  Stay tuned. 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Signholding Against LANPAC

From 4-6pm on Wednesday afternoon 15 people joined a signholding to protest the LANPAC (Land and Power in the Pacific) Symposium and Exposition being held at the Sheraton Hotel in Waikiki.  

As thousands of people in cars, on bicycles, and riding tourist trolleys passed by the banner and signs lining Kalakaua Avenue,  many gave a thumbs up, shaka, or waved.  One trolley driver yelled a loud "Ku`e!" 

Several hundred leaflets were given to tourists at one of the busiest corners in Waikiki.  Many were puzzled as to why we were protesting in the heart of the tourist area, but when they heard that the military had organized an international conference to further militarize the Pacific many thanked us, including 2 soldiers and 4 tourists from the Middle East who took extra leaflets to give to their friends.   A few still asked what drones were, and there were many who said they felt safer with drones.  One even said she was against all wars, and was so thankful that we now had drones to keep wars from happening!  

This action the first of many that World Can't Wait-Hawai`i has called in solidarity with the national Spring Months of Action to End Drone Killings, Surveillance, and Global Militarization.   The next leafleting will be at the talk by Al Gore at the Stan Sherif Center (lower UH Manoa Campus) from 6-7 pm on Tuesday, April 15.  As one WCW activist said:  "If Al Gore really wants to help Hawai`i save its environment, he should help get the U.S. military out of Hawai`i!"  

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Honolulu Launching of Spring Days of Action!

April & May 2014
Spring Days of Action to Stop Drone Killing,
Drone Surveillance and Global Militarization!

Over the next two months World Can't Wait will organize a number of actions focused against drones and militarization. There will be an action to protest LANPAC in Waikiki on Wednesday, April 9th. We are also co-sponsoring the film "Wounds of Waziristan at Revolution Books on Sunday, April 6, 2014. A number of other actions are planned for April and May. See below for info about the action on April 9 and the Film Showing on April 6.

Signholding and Protest
Against LANPAC Military Conference
Wednesday, April 9, 4-6pm
at the corner of Kalakaua & Royal Hawaiian Avenue

The Association of the United States Army’s Institute of Land Warfare and the U.S. Army Pacific and U.S. Pacific Command are organizing LANPAC (Land & Power in the Pacific) at the Sheraton Waikiki from April 10-April 12.

Representatives from more than 30 countries have been invited, and speakers include generals from the U.S., Japan and Bangladesh. According to a spokesperson from the AUSA, “Participants will explore, in depth, the concept of strategic land power and the future of the Asia-Pacific theater with valuable perspectives from U.S. military and civilian leaders, industry leaders and service leaders from allied countries in this very important region of the world." The meeting will include an "industry exhibit." We expect that drone techniology will be front and center.

This will be a signholding (we have lots of anti-drone banners and signs) along Kalakaua Blvd. near the Sheraton entrance. Bring your own signs against drones, militarization, etc.

Sunday, April 6, 3pm
Film Showing: Wounds of Waziristan
Followed by Discussion
@ Revolution Books

Wounds of Waziristan is a 24 minute film that highlights the stories of those directly impacted by drone attacks in Pakistan–in their own words. After the film we will discuss the Spring Days of Action against Drone Warfare, Surveillance, and Global Militarization, including your suggestions for actions on O`ahu. This event is co-sponsored by by World Can't Wait-Hawai`i and Revolution Books.

We urge members from other groups and organizations to join us as we discuss the urgency of raising our voices against drones and ever-expanding global militarization.
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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

International Women's Day March in Chinatown!

The sidewalks, clubs and art galleries in Chinatown are usually crowded on 1st Friday so World Can't Wait-Hawai`i put out a call for a march through the district to demand an end to the war on women.   But this 1st Friday it rained!   When organizers got to the spot where the march was to begin the sidewalks and galleries were largely deserted.  Leafleters huddled beneath a gallery awning and began passing out the palm cards and leaflets from Stop Patriarchy,loudly announced that International Women's Day was the following day, and invited people to join a march beginning at 8.  At the beginning it seemed the evening was doomed to failure but things quickly turned around once people began reading the signs and palm cards.
Almost the first person who took a palm card was a woman from Mongolia who enthusiastically said: "International Women's Day is really big in my country!"   Another said: "I saw that International Women's Day was tomorrow on Google!"  A woman from Tagikistan related how it was celebrated in her country.  A tourist couple from Melbourne, Australia held signs.  A Russian woman was eager to talk about events in the Ukraine. 

 A man rushed up to the World Can't Wait-Hawai`i spokesperson saying "you would have loved the show on Olelo  on "One Billion Rising."     Then he looked at her and realized she'd narrated the show!  ["Voices of Resistance" - an hour-long show on community television is produced by World Can't Wait-Hawai`i'].  He went on to tell her that he had been moved to tears by the show, had watched it several times, and urged his friends who were with him to watch it as well.   

A well-dressed older woman shared that she "can't believe we're still fighting for abortion rights" and then went on to share her outrage that the women's movement had largely backed off of "being radical."

 Coming out in the rain had gotten a whole lot better.  Most people took palm cards and thanked us.  One couple initially by saying "I don't want one" and then quickly walked back to ask for one saying "I'm going to give this to my granddaughter." 

 At 8pm things were definitely looking up and an organizer turned on her bullhorn and called on people to pick up signs and and begin marching.  More than a dozen people headed through the district chanting and holding up  signs for people in restaurants, galleries and clubs to see:  A few people along the short route took signs and joined up.   As the march went past popular clubs, young people standing outside snapped pictures.  A few raised fists.  
 While the march wasn't as big as we had hoped, and we didn't reach as many people as we had hoped, when the march ended spirits were high.    Pictures of signs and banners were taken to send to an International Women's Day march in Gaza.  Marchers seemed reluctant to leave and instead took cover and continued conversations,   It was hard to believe that only a short time before organizers had considered cancelling the march. 

 . photo cc82210c-27f0-4e6c-a57c-2d5cc6b7cb8f_zps619107ea.jpgIWD4 2014 photo IMG_0317_zps206ddf9d.jpg
 photo 4aad9f7e-66fb-4620-9d0d-77d1583ff9ff_zps63c5a3ab.jpg

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Friday, March 7: International Women's Day March!

Stop the War on Women!
Friday, March 7th
Take to the streets with women (and men) around the world to demand an end to the war on women - everywhere!   Friday, March 7th, is the First Friday Art Walk.  Meet in front of Mark's Garage by 8pm for a short march through Waikiki.   We'll go through the art and club areas to demand an end to the War on Women.   Bring signs with your own demand or pick up one provided by World Can't Wait!   Spread the word and bring your friends!  For more information e-mail

World Can't Wait-Hawai`i picnic

Saturday, March 1, 11am-1pm
Picnic at Kaka`ako Waterfront Park

World Can't Wait-Hawai`i supporters and friends are invited to a potluck picnic at Kaka`ako Waterfront Park to socialize and share ideas.  

World Can't Wait-Hawai`i is currently making plans for the April-May months of action against drone warfare and surveillance and we'd like your ideas and feedback. 

We also encourage activists with other progressive to join us and share your own plans.  There are many small groups in Hawai`i - each fighting on urgent fronts.  One of the issues World Can't Wait-Hawai`i would like to explore is how we can better support each other's efforts. 

Several of the members of the World Can't Wait-Hawai`i planning committee will be at this picnic, and look forward to hearing your concerns and ideas.   We have no agenda; there will be no "meeting" - just an informal time to socialize and share. 

Where will we be?    There are three pavilions on the waterfront.  We'll be at or near the pavilion on the Diamond Head end.   If you enter on Cooke Street and park in the parking lot across from the Children's Discovery Center, the pavilion will be to your left.  If you come in on Ahui Street and park there (by Point Panic), the pavilion will be to your right.  Look for the blue earth flags. 

What should you bring?   We'll have paper goods and some food to share.  Any food you can bring will be welcome but if for some reason you can't bring any don't let that keep you away.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Stop the Keystone Pipeline!

On Monday, February 3, people in more than 266 cities and towns across the U.S. and in Honolulu participated in protests against the Keystone XL pipeline.

In spite of rain, about 20 people held signs in front of KITV and the Hawaiian Electric (HECO) parking lot entrance on King Street with signs reading "Stop the KXL Pipeline," "Tar Sands Kill" and more. A tourist couple who arrived in Honolulu only that morning saw the announcement of the demo on a national site and made their way; one woman came with her newly made sign saying it had been years since they'd made a protest sign. Our big World Can't Wait banner reading: "Humanity and the Planet Come First" was in the mix.  

While King Street was jammed with traffic at the end of a workday, response was pretty limited to affirmative honks and a few thumbs up, and our guess was that a lot of people didn't know much about the Keystone XL. One passerby yelled "what does that have to do with Hawai`i," revealing how much work we have to do to educate people about how tar sands mining (and the KXL pipeline) will not only pollute the immediate area but the entire planet.  photo IMG_0274_zps10ccfa05.jpg  photo IMG_0269_zpsba261ef5.jpg
 photo IMG_0275_zpsef7afc3b.jpg

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

World Can't Wait Contingent in the MLK Day Parade!

By the time the MLK Day parade rolled out of the Magic Island Parking lot our flatbed truck was decorated with signs protesting drone warfare and our drone replica was flying high.  Five drummers sitting on the back of the truck kept up a beat for the entirety of the route from Magic Island to Kapiolani Park and Liz and Ali were on the bullhorns leading chants. 

Thousands participated in the parade and many more lined the 3-mile parade route through Waikiki.   As they saw our lead banner reading:  "Humanity and the Planet Come First" many clapped their approval, swayed their bodies or clapped to the drum beat,  and began snapping photos.   When they caught sight of the drone many more aimed their cameras upwards and snapped photos.   As one person in our contingent said afterwards,  "doing this is worth it just for all of the pictures."    Here are a few photos of our contingent:

 photo ceae62b7-afe8-4832-b7c6-e2dfc2daf9a0_zps7b280b1d.jpg
 photo IMG_0258_zpsb1be60de.jpg