Monday, December 30, 2013

Protesters Get Their Messages to Obama

Since Obama arrived for his Hawai`i vacation protesters are making their demands visible.

On his first day in Hawai`i four protesters were there with signs against drones and Guantanamo. On Friday about 25 people held signs opposing the Transpacific Trade Partnership at a protest organized by Move-On. And on Saturday morning more than a dozen World Can't Wait-Hawai`i supporters were there when Obama's motorcade passed by.

 As we walked to our designated corner we could already see numerous signs in front of the entrance to Obama's street and wondered who had beat us there. It turned out to be a one-person demonstration: Ann Wright with about four big signs waving us in.  Although our numbers were relatively small, we filled a lot of space and we know we were seen by Obama and the press. 

Our posters with photos of Guantanamo detainees lined the walls. Two big banners - one reading "Stop Torture" and the other a beautiful "Shut Down the Bases" banner (particularly fitting since Obama was returning from K-Bay when he saw us). Then there were numerous other signs protesting drones, Gitmo, support for Israel, and the TTP. 

While no press came to talk with us personally, their press van passed and they snapped pictures as they came by. News of our protest subsequently appeared in Reuters and in the local press.   Be sure to click on the photo line accompanying the reporting. 

Many passers-by honked their horns approvingly or gave us a thumbs up or shaka, and morning walkers thanked us for being out there. A relatively few gave us the middle finger and one particularly disgusting man slowed down and yelled "take care of the babies" at the almost all-woman group holding signs. (We weren't sure if he was an anti-abortion reactionary or just thought we should all be home taking care of our kids, but either was equally backward!). 

  Since Saturday, FrostPaw (a huge polar bear) has been seen standing in front of the Obama compound along with leafleters protesting the Keystone XL pipeline and climate change, and we're sure others have been out there was well. We understand that FrostPaw will be visiting Hawai`i for at least another week so if you're interested in joining him in protesting climate change contact us and we'll get you in touch.

 President Obama will be in Hawai`i for another week and holding a sign at the entrance to his compound at Kailuana Street and Kalaheo is easy. If Ann Wright can pull off a one-person demonstration, so can you! As Ann said, "We never get this close to the president when we're in D.C.! He can actually see us!"
 photo 12282013017_zps8c1aa097.jpg
 photo AnnWrightObamaresort_zps4479c34c.png
 photo 12282013015_zps535c41f0.jpg

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Upcoming Events in December-January

Shut Down Guantanamo!  
Protest at Obama's Kailua Residence
Saturday, December 28, 9am-11am
President Obama will again spend the holidays in Kailua and we'll be there with a fitting welcome! 
January will mark the 12th Anniversary of the opening of Guantanamo.  Obama came into office promising that he would shut down Guantanamo within his first month in office. 
World Can't Wait-Hawai`i will have big photos of some of the Guantanamo prisoners, along with signs and banners.    Wear orange!   We'll have some orange outfits for people to wear but there won't be enough for everyone so wear orange.  You're welcome to bring signs about other issues (such as drones, the NSA) and join us.
The protest will be at the corner of North Kalaheo & Kailuana. The best place to park is at Aikahi Shopping Center. Then just walk back along North Kalaheo. Kailuana is just past the bridge. 
There's always a lot of press at protests when we've held them there in the past so tell your friends and begin organizing your carpool.  

Obama's plans are always subject to change and we'll post a notice if there's any change in date or time.  
International Day of Action
to Shut Down Guantanamo
Signholding at Kalakaua/Seaside in Waikiki
Saturday, January 11, 6pm - 7:30
On the 12th Anniversary of the opening of Guantanamo people around the world will be holding actions, speak-outs, and programs to demanding the shut-down of Guantanamo. 

There will be a signholding at the corner of Kalakaua and Seaside in central Waikiki in solidarity.  There we will be seen by thousands of tourists from many countries, as well as Hawai`i residents.   If our presence is dramatic (and we'll do everything possible to make sure it is), they're sure to take out their cellphones to take photos and our actions will be beamed around the world.    

Save the evening!

Stop Drones!  Stop the Killing and Surveillance!
Join the Anti-Drone Contingent in the MLK Day Parade
Monday, January 20, 9am at Magic Island

Thousands of people march in the Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Parade each year and thousands more watch the parade from the sidelines.    Begin planning now to make the Anti-Drone Contingent the largest ever.  

World Can't Wait-Hawai`i will bring its drone replica.  We're preparing large photos of victims of drone warfare that can be mounted on the truck or carried, but to make this contingent a big success WE NEED YOU! 

Plan to be at Magic Island at 9am.  The parade will go down Kalakaua Avenue and will end at Kapiolani Park.   You can walk, skateboard, or bicycle.  There will be space on the back of the truck for those who can't walk the route. 

This is a family event so bring your kids.  Strollers, tricycles and wagons are welcome.  If your kids get tired they can jump on the back of the truck. 

Begin making your plans now!


Friday, October 18, 2013

October 22: National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation!

October 22nd is the 18th Annual National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation.   For information about the day, as well as events that will be happening across the country, see or

Here's what's happening in Honolulu:

1.  Everyone!!   Wear Black in solidarity with the National Day of Protest.

2.  Sunday, October 20, 3pm.  Revolution Books Attend the Forum/Discussion on Building a Movement Against Police Brutality, Repression, and the Criminalization of a Generation in Hawai`i.   Panelists will be Laulani Teale, Liz Rees, and Carolyn Hadfield.   Short presentations will be followed by a discussion focused on how we can build a movement in Hawai`i that is linked to the national movement, but speaks to the particularities of police brutality, repression and the criminalization of a generation in Hawai`i as well.    For information:

3.  Get displays, chalkings, materials up on the UH-Manoa campus!   Join activists at McCarthy Mall from 9am on Tuesday, October 22nd.

4.  March for Justice for Kollin Elderts on Tuesday, October 22nd at 11:30am.   Meet at Hamilton Library steps on the UH-Manoa campus. 

For more information on what's happening in Honolulu: 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Festival of Resistance at UH-Manoa

By 9am our crew of volunteers had erected 6 tents. Banners and signs decorated the UH-Manoa's Sustainability Courtyard, and our drone was standing prominently in the center of the square. Before 10 am the tents were being filled with the eighteen organizations that had requested tables. Everything was ready....and then the rain came! Instead of stopping to peruse the tables, students were running to find shelter while organizers huddled under tents. Yet organizers remained positive -- using the time to meet each other.

By 11am the rain had passed, the sun was out, and students were again filling the courtyard, organizers from 18 groups were passing out leaflets, and students were signing up for more information

The first "Festival of Resistance" at UH-Manoa was organized by Refuse & Resist! It has since been organized by Not In Our Name-Hawai`i, and then by World Can't Wait-Hawai`i. Its purpose is to bring an atmosphere of resistance to the UH-Manoa Campus and introduce students to community and campus organizations struggling to create a better world. Throughout the day students and faculty stopped to thank us and as we were breaking down after 2pm a worker from one of the food-carts shouted: "You guys are awesome! Why don't you do this more often?" We wish we could and thank EVERYONE who made this year's Festival possible!

Here are a few photos:

Monday, September 9, 2013

No U.S. Attack on Syria!

On Friday afternoon, September 6th, about 20 people responded to World Can't Wait Hawai`i's call to protest U.S. plans to bomb Syria. Some came with their own signs; others picked up signs that had been made by World Can't Wait. One young woman said she didn't know it was happening but was so angry she was just carrying her sign with her when she heard we were protesting at the Federal Building and joined. A man who was driving by saw the protest, found parking and joined up.

Standing along Ala Moana Blvd during Friday afternoon rush hour, thousands of people stuck in stop-and- go traffic had time to read signs and respond. Some people honked their car horns, others held thumbs up or gave us a peace sign; others shot a shaka, while the majority passed by without indicating whether they agreed or disagreed.

For news of further protests be sure you're on the world can't wait mailing list. Just send an e-mail to and ask to be added to the e-list.

Friday, September 6, 2013

No U.S. Attacks on Syria!

Signholding and Protest!
Friday, Sept 6, 4-6pm
at the Federal Building along Ala Moana Blvd.

Vigorous protests raising the demand “No U.S. Attack on Syria!” are planned across the U.S. in the next few days. World Can’t Wait and dozens of other organizations are taking to the streets from New York City to Honolulu, and from Portsmouth, New Hampshire to Seattle.

World Can't Wait will have signs or you can bring your own.

The National Office of World Can't Wait said today: “Any U.S. military attack upon Syria would be the supreme international war crime of a war of aggression upon a country that has not attacked and does not threaten the United States. Obama's unverified claims of nerve gas being used are merely an excuse for the U.S. to try to dictate the terms of this civil war that has already cost 100,000 lives. Any attacks would greatly increase the killing and destruction and likely provoke a wider regional conflict. These attempts to justify and carry out war crimes in our names must be opposed vigorously and with determination by all those with a conscience.”

Even if Congress Says It's Legal, It's Still WRONG to Attack Syria;
Congress Can't Make a War Crime Moral;
OBOMBA Targets Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan….Syria?

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Demanding Justice for Kollin Elderts in Waikiki

On Monday, August 25th, Judge Ahn announced that the jury in the trial against U.S. Special Agent Christopher Deedy was deadlocked and declared a mistrial.  A protest was called for the following day.

By 5:30 pm people were gathering at the Kalakaua Statue at Triangle Park in Waikiki and began holding signs reading "Justice for Kollin Elderts" at the Kuhio/Kalakaua intersection.  By 6:15 pm about 40 people had gathered and after a short rally the group, led by several activists with Pū, headed down Kalakaua Avenue into central Waikiki.   The sound of the Pū , alternating with chants demanding justice for Kollin, grabbed everyone's attention.  Tourists were curious and many took leaflets.  Many residents voiced support and a few reactionaries jumped out to run out their racist shit: 

After reaching Seaside Avenue the march looped back along Kuhio, stopping for a short rally at McDonald's.   A number of the marchers stepped to the bullhorn to speak - some speaking to the sadness they felt at being at the site where Kollin was murdered and others voicing their rage that the jury had failed to convict an armed and drunk Agent of the U.S. government who had murdered an unarmed young Hawaiian man.   World Can't Wait spokesperson Liz Rees linked the murders of Kollin Elderts and Trayvon Martin; several put the murder of Kollin Elderts in the context of the APEC meeting, which was itself an intensification of the militarization and occupation of Hawai`i and the Pacific. 

The group was diverse and there were a lot of opinions, but there was a great spirit of unity and determination to continue the fight for justice for Kollin Elderts and other victims of this racist system.  

There will be a hearing to determine the date of the retrial on September 13th.   The Federal Government is determined to fight for acquittal and there will undoubtedly be a lot of maneuvering before an actual trial happens,  A much stronger movement to fight for justice for Kollin Elderts must be built and sustained.   The defense is hoping that the memory of this outrageous murder will face by the time Agent Deedy is re-tried.  Just the opposite must happen!

The coming together of several organizations to call the Waikiki action was a good beginning and there's great potential to strengthen that unity and determination!   Watch for upcoming plans.

8-26-13 signs photo deedysign_zpsbed5d19c.jpg

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mistrial Declared in Trial of U.S. Agent Christopher Deedy

Call to Action!  Justice for Kollin Elderts
Tuesday, August 27
Gather at the Kalakaua Statue at Triangle Park
at the Intersection of Kuhio and Kalakaua at 5:30pm
March into Waikiki and to McDonald's where Kollin Elderts was murdered begins at 6:30

Today, Monday August 26th, the Judge announced that the jury had failed to agree on a verdict in the murder trial of U.S. State Department Agent Christopher Deedy, and that another trial will be held next year.  

This is an outrage!   Agent Deedy is guilty of murder!   Join this action on Tuesday evening to renew your commitment to fight for justice for Kollin Elderts!

For more information read earlier blogs on this site or go to the "Justice for Kollin Elderts" facebook page at:,

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bradley Manning Sentenced to 35 Years!

Support Rallies Respond to the Sentence of Bradley Manning!
Press Release from World Can't Wait
“On behalf of the millions affected by the illegitimate, unjust, immoral wars and torture carried by the Bush regime, and continued by the Obama administration, we are outraged at the 35 year prison sentence just put on Bradley Manning. In light of the complete refusal of the Obama administration to investigate or prosecute those responsible for torture, rendition and secret “dirty” wars, Manning’s sentence is an indication that people who expose such crimes must fear losing their lives, while those who conceive, legally justify and carry them out them receive immunity. We remain committed to supporting whistle-blowers Manning, Edward Snowden, and the work of Wikileaks and other journalists who courageously expose war crimes and injustice.”

For a list of support rallies go to:

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Justice for Kollin Elderts

Justice for Kollin Elderts!

The defense in the trial of U.S. Special Agent Christopher Deedy is expected to close within the next few days and the jury will then begin to deliberate. When a verdict will come down is unpredictable.

The facts of the case are simple. Kollin Elderts, a Hawaiian young man, is dead. Christopher Deedy, a U.S. State Department Special Agent murdered him. Deedy is guilty!

If Christopher Deedy is acquitted, or the verdict is anything less than manslaughter, gather at the King Kalakaua statue (at the triangle park near the entrance to Waikiki and across from Fort DeRussy) at 5:30 the day after the verdict for signholding and a pre-march rally. A march to McDonald's and into Waikiki will begin at 6:30pm.  

Bring signs, noisemakers, whistles.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

From Florida to Hawai`i - It's the Same Racist System!

It was late Thursday afternoon and demonstrations protesting the "Not Guilty" verdict in the Trayvon Martin case had been called in more than 100 cities.   None had been called in Honolulu and there had been little open outrage about the verdict.   At the same time the trial of U.S. Special Agent Christopher Deedy, who had murdered Kollin Elderts, a young Hawaiian man, at McDonald's Restaurant in Waikiki in November 2011 was in its second week; the Honolulu police had murdered another young local man only the week before.   On Thursday evening World Can't Wait-Hawai`i put out a call for a protest through Waikiki to protest all three murders by the same racist system. 

We arrived at the convergence point wondering whether anyone would be joining us.  We displayed our signs and waited while people slowly joined us.   By 7pm there were more than 30 of us holding signs, beating on noisemakers and preparing to march down Kalakaua Avenue where thousands of tourists were lining the beaches, waiting in front of restaurants, or shopping.  People registered surprise as our noisy group approached.   Some gave us thumbs up, grabbed leaflets, or shouted their approval.   Some asked for a sign and joined us.  The polarization quickly became clear.  One guy ran up and yelled "You're racists;" another pointed his finger in a white demonstrator's face and yelled "Race Traitor!"   Black tourists, in particular, were overjoyed to see that even in Hawai`i people were demanding justice for Trayvon Martin.   In a short time our march included more than 50 people. 

As we approached, tourists stood to the side to read signs and take pictures, allowing us to march through the middle of the sidewalk,  It felt we were in a sea of lifted cell phones capturing an unexpected image from their "vacation in paradise."  

When the march ended some asked how they could be informed of any future protests. Others stood with new friends to take photos.   Energy was high, and many were sharing.  A Muslim family told the group how it effected them when their 16-year old son was called a "terrorist," and of constant profiling.   A young Black woman shared her fears for her 3-year old son.   A man from Europe spoke about his disappointment that more people weren't on the street, but then added how proud he was that he had participated.   One shared how one guy along the way turned to his companion and said "I thought we came to Hawai`i to escape all this shit!."   We all agreed that the march was a big success but wished we had called it earlier and spent more time building for it.
 photo atcopshop_zps4fdd6761.jpg
 photo demo_zps9eab408f.jpg
   photo EldertTrayvon_zps81dbe7b9.jpg photo marching_zps12f73934.jpg

Thursday, July 18, 2013

March for Justice!

Rally and March for Justice!
Saturday, July 20, 6:30pm
Waikiki, corner of Kapahulu & Kalakaua
(near the Zoo entrance)

Justice for Trayvon Martin!
Justice for Kollin Elderts!
Justice for Stephen Dinnan!

Short rally at 6:30pm; march at 7pm. Bring signs.

* Demonstrations have been called in more than 100 cities this weekend to protest the "not guilty" verdict in the trial of George Zimmerman. This verdict slammed home the legacy of centuries of slavery and racism in the USA and has provoked much-needed rallies and marches, vigils and prayer services, town hall meetings and debates. We refuse to accept this verdict. Now is the time to act! We must continue to demand justice for Trayvon Martin!

* This is the second week of the trial of U.S. Special Agent Christopher Deedy, who was here to provide security for the APEC meeting in Honolulu. On November 5, 2011 Agent Deedy, after having been warned about "locals" by another Agent, got into an altercation with Kollin Elderts, a 23-year old Hawaiian man, at McDonald's Restaurant in Waikiki. Agent Deedy, who was drunk, pulled out his service weapon and shot Kollin in the chest. The facts are simple, but carry with them the history of more than a century of U.S. occupation, racism, and oppression. 

 * On June 5, 2013, Stephen Dinnan, a 35 year old local man was beaten and choked to death by a Honolulu police officer who was "investigating" a report of a stolen vehicle. On July 17 the Honolulu Medical Examiner ruled his death was a homicide(Star Advertiser, July 18). Stephen Dinnan had no prior record and there is no evidence that he was involved in the theft of the vehicle. No charges have been filed against the police officer, and the Honolulu Police Department has refused to comment. How many times will we allow a cop to go free after brutalizing and/or killing yet another person?

WE SAY NO MORE! We call on people of conscience to join us on Saturday night to demand justice!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Signholding Monday at the Deedy Trial!

Monday, July 15, 8am - 10am
 Signholding at 1st Circuit Court
Punchbowl & Halekauwila

This past Monday ten of us held signs demanding justice for Kollin Elderts outside of the 1st Circuit Court where the trial of U.S. Special Agent Christopher Deedy was being tried for murder.

Many family and friends stopped to thank us and we were happy with the general support. However, just going out once isn't enough.  Let's swell our numbers this coming Monday!   World Can't Wait will have some signs and you're invited to bring your own.

Can't take two hours off of work? Take one and be there at 8am. Can't make it at 8? Then come at 9am. But be there!    

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Signholding at 1st Day of Trial of Agent Deedy

Justice for Kollin Elderts!

The trial of U.S. State Department Special Agent Christopher Deedy began Monday at First Circuit Court. As the trial began, activists with World Can't Wait-Hawai`i were joined by others in front of the courthouse with signs reading "Justice for Kollin Elderts" and "Kollin and Trayvon: Victims of the Same Racist System." While our numbers were small, the response from people passing by was great. Friends of Kollin's and members of Kollin's family came to us to thank us for standing up for justice for Kollin and many others expressed their support as drivers passing by honked their horns. A few people we talked with said they had never heard about the murder of Kollin Elderts (including a lawyer going into court for a case), but the overwhelming response was positive.

The signholding was covered on Hawai`i News Now,, KITV, and the Star Advertiser.

The facts of this case are clear. Agent Deedy, who is Caucasian, arrived in Honolulu on November 4, 2011 after a 10-hour flight. He came as part of the U.S. State Department team providing security at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting being held in Honolulu 3 days later. That afternoon he was briefed by a fellow agent and was told that the "locals" didn't like them, that he shouldn't go to particular areas on O`ahu, and that Waikiki was dangerous at night. After the briefing Deedy e-mailed a friend saying that he was going out to dinner and then to bars to "get crazy". He went to at least 6 bars with his friends before going to McDonald's after 2am on the morning of the 5th of November.

When Agent Deedy walked into McDonald's Kollin was in an argument with another customer, who was drunk and harassing the counter-help. Kollin's friend, Shane, intervened to stop the argument and Kollin sat down to wait for his food. Agent Deedy walked over to Kollin, stood above him, and said: "Acting like that is going to get you shot." and then "Do you want to get shot? I'm going to shoot you." A scuffle ensued and Deedy pulled out his service Glock and shot and missed Kollin twice before his third shot hit Kollin in the chest. Six minutes after Deedy entered McDonald's, Kollin lay dead on the floor. Police who arrived shortly afterwards testified that Deedy smelled of alcohol, had a hard time standing up straight, had blurry eyes and slurred speech.  

 All of this happened only two days before the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meetings were set to begin and thousands of security agents, members of the international media, and high level participants were already in Honolulu. The system moved quickly to cover up the murder. Deedy was not given a test for either alcohol or drugs. He was kept at the Honolulu Police Department until AFTER the meetings ended and when finally indicted was given a relatively low bond and was allowed to leave Hawai`i and return to his job with the U.S. State Department. At the same time, a campaign of lies and slanders against the victim, Kollin Elderts attempted to paint Kollin as the aggressor and the U.S. State Department Agent as someone who was nobly acting in his capacity as a law enforcement officer in order to protect the citizens of Hawai`i as well as tourists visiting the State. Reality was turned on its head.   

 While it was good that a small number of people were in front of the courthouse when the trial of Agent Deedy opened, there should have been thousands there to demand Justice for Kollin Elderts! This case should be discussed, debated and argued at dinner tables, in classrooms, and in churches. We urge people to watch what is happening in this trial. Talk about it with your friends and on social media. You can watch the full opening statements on Hawai`i News Now and other local media sites. But don't lose sight of the basic facts in the confusion that will be created during this trial. Kollin Elderts was an unarmed, young, Hawaiian man who was out celebrating the birthdays of his friends when he was brutally murdered by a drunk U.S. State Department Special Agent. 

 Get your friends together to stand in front of the courthouse to send a message to the family of Kollin Elderts, as well as the people of Hawai`i and the world that we will not allow this murder to go unpunished! Even a few people can make a difference!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Action Alert: Rally for Justice for Kollin Elderts!

Rally for Justice for Kollin Elderts
Monday, July 8, 8-10am
First Circuit Court (Punchbowl & Halekauwila)

On Monday, July 8th, U.S. State Department Special Agent Christopher Deedy will go on trial for the murder of Kollin Elderts. We urge everyone to join World Can't Wait-Hawai`i in demanding justice for Kollin. The eyes of the world will be on this case. There's a national campaign to support Christopher Deedy (including a facebook page and a fundraising campaign). It is up to us to show the world that people in Hawai`i - of all races, classes and ethnicities - demand justice for Kollin Elderts and condemn his murder by a gun-toting Special Agent of the U.S. State Department!

Take off work for a couple of hours. World Can't Wait will have some signs, but bring your own signs or banners if you're able.

On November 5, 2011 Special Agent Deedy fatally shot Kollin Elderts in the chest at a McDonald's in Waikiki. Deedy was in Honolulu as part of the police state build-up during the days prior to the APEC meetings.

On the evening of November 4, 2011 Kollin Elderts, a 23-year old Hawaiian man, went to a club in Chinatown with his friends. Christopher Deedy and fellow Special Agents spent the evening clubbing in Waikiki. Both ended up at McDonalds afterwards. Deedy says he believed Elderts was a threat to other customers and confronted him. A scuffle ensued, and Deedy shot Elderts point blank with his service weapon. Can there be any doubt that profiling was involved here? Would Deedy have responded the same way had Elderts been a Caucasian tourist? Would Kollin Elderts be dead if Christopher Deedy hadn't been carrying a gun while out drinking with his fellow agents?
But the crime didn't end here. Deedy was taken to the police station but was not tested for intoxication even though witnesses claim he was clearly intoxicated (and the Honolulu Police Dept claims a test for intoxification is routinely done after any violent crime is committed). He was not immediately indicted (which usually happens the day after a violent crime) but instead held until AFTER the APEC meetings, and AFTER attention to the case had died down.

In the days and months after the murder, Kollin Elderts has been vilified, while U.S. Agent Deedy was allowed to return to his job as Special Agent. Kollin was initially accused of having a knife found at the scene (which turned out to be Deedy's). He has been consistently portrayed as violent and into drugs. And Deedy's attorney argued that the Deedy's case should be tried on the Continental U.S. because of prejudice people in Hawai`i have against the U.S. government. The victim has become the accused, while Deedy was given bail and allowed to leave Hawai`i and return to his job as a Special Agent.

The similarities between the cases of Kollin Elderts in Florida and Trayvon Martin in Hawai`i are remarkably similar. In both cases the victim has become the accused, portrayed as violent even though they carried no weapons and were killed by gun-toting "protectors of the law." Each has had every part of their lives dredged up in an effort to portray them as violent, into drugs, and prone to fighting. Each is needlessly dead, while their murderers have been allowed to go free. Both Kollin Elderts and Trayvon Martin are victims of the same racist system and it is up to every person of conscience to demand justice for both.
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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Support Edward Snowden!

Signholding at the Federal Building June 19th

About 25 people participated in an action along Ala Moana Blvd to support Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning, and to demand that Guantanamo be closed. Most came to show their support for Snowden, but most could quickly see how the three issues related. Some had been to numerous events to support Bradley Manning in the past, or had been at protests against torture, but some were joining us for the first time because of their outrage over the blatant illegality of such widespread surveillance and the trampling of the 4th Amendment.

Traffic was especially busy Friday afternoon, and often cars were at a standstill - enabling passengers to carefully read all of the signs. A few gave a thumbs up and some some honked enthusiastically but it wasn't really possible to read the reactions of most. Nonetheless, when the group gathered afterwards spirits were high and plans were being made to hold further actions.   We'll attempt to keep you informed of any concrete plans as we hear about them.

For up-to-date news and analysis about Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning, and the hunger strike at Guantanamo be sure to go to the National World Can't Wait website at

Following are some photos from the local action on the 19th. 


Monday, June 17, 2013

WE WILL NOT CONSENT...GCHQ intercepted foreign politicians' communications at G20 summits

Protest & Rally
Friday, June 21, 4-6pm
Federal Building (along Ala Moana Blvd.)

No Government Spying on Whole Populations
Hands Off Snowden & Manning
Close Guantanamo NOW

NSA programs PRISM and Boundless Informant are illegitimate, illegal and wrong! They must not be covered over, excused, or accepted as the “new normal,” but opposed – and millions must be aroused to politically RESIST! Snowden must not be rendered, extradited, prosecuted with secret evidence, or face anything like what has been inflicted on Bradley Manning for exposing war crimes.

We must defend Edward Snowden, build momentum through this to stop the persecution of Bradley Manning, and demand the illegal prison and torture camp at Guantanamo be closed forthwith.    Bring signs, banners and noisemakers. We will stand along Ala Moana Blvd. from 4-5:30 pm and then come together for a rally and the latest updates! Spread the word everywhere!

For the latest updates on Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning and the Guantanamo Hunger Strike go to:

Sunday, June 2, 2013

World Can't Wait Hawai`i Represents in the Annual Honolulu Pride Parade


On June 1st almost two thousand people rallied to support Bradley Manning at Fort Meade, where Bradley’s trial is set to begin on Monday. At the same time rallies, signholdings and marches were held in cities around the world. For what happened at Fort Meade, see Be sure to go to the photo-stream for pictures.

In Honolulu we showed our support for Bradley in a contingent in the Annual Pride Parade. Several thousand people participated in the parade itself, and thousands more lined Waikiki's Kalakaua Avenue to show their support for contingents organized by LGBTQ organizations, progressive churches, unions, and civil rights organizations. The mood was up-beat and celebratory coming off of recent victories for LGBTQ rights.

 World Can’t Wait-Hawai`i has had a contingent in the Pride Parade for many years. Most years our contingent has focused on our opposition to war and torture, and has been warmly welcomed by parade organizers and many of its participants. This year our contingent was led by a big banner reading “Humanity and the Planet Come First” and was followed by two trucks – one decorated to show support for Bradley Manning and the other to Demand an end to Drone Warfare – along with marchers.

The first truck was decorated with big pictures of Bradley Manning, along with signs reading “Telling the Truth about War Crimes Is Not a Crime.” Drummers on board kept up a loud and energetic beat.   

The second truck carried our awesome drone replica, signs reading “Stop the Killer Drones”, and a World Can’t Wait organizer who kept up a steady chant to the beat of the drums.   For the entire three-mile route “Free, Free, Free Bradley Manning” and “Stop, Stop, Stop the Drones” echoed through the dense labyrinth of hotels.

All along the route people clapped, cheered, and gave us a shaka or thumbs-up. Some yelled their support for Bradley, others sat along the curb and clapped. A few made gestures showing their disagreement. A few ran up to the truck and asked who made the drone. It was notable that many of the tourists from Japan along the route seemed to immediately recognize Bradley and showed enthusiastic support for Bradley and opposition to the drones.

Thousands of spectators held up their cameras, cell phones and i-pads to take pictures, and photos of our contingent have already hit social media.  That the International Day of Support for Bradley Manning happened to be on the same day as the Pride Parade in Hawai`i turned out to offer us an awesome opportunity to show our support for Bradley at this event and also reach thousands of international and mainland visitors as well as locals who come out to support LGBTQ rights! We may not be what was expected at a Pride Parade, but the response showed overwhelming support.
  photo 4468dc26-7442-4b3a-9e0f-1a65bb1fff38_zps8dfddc4b.jpg  photo 8493e49b-8de5-414b-85ef-3b32195b1791_zpsd91d80f9.jpg  photo 97d3584b-77f1-41eb-97f8-8c92d2282762_zps99acbd02.jpg

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

March Against Monsanto in Honolulu

More than 1,000 people participated in the march through Waikiki in solidarity with the Global Day of Protest Against Monsanto.  Signs were creative and showed not only peoples' hatred of Monsanto but concern for the environment more broadly.  The crowd was energetic and loud.  All kinds of organizations represented - including World Can't Wait-Hawai`i (which led the march with their banner: "Humanity and the Planet Come First.")  There were people of all ages and ethnicities, and many wore green.   The march was seen and photographed by thousands of tourists and was covered on evening TV news and in the Sunday edition of the Star-Bulletin (although each carefully gave equal time to Monsanto spokespeople).   Following are a few photos from the march:  


Monday, May 27, 2013


International Day of Solidarity with Bradley Manning
June 1, 2013

Join the World Can't Wait Contingent
in the Honolulu Pride Parade!

Saturday, June 1, 9:30am
Assemble at Magic Island for a March through Waikiki

June 1 is the International Day of Solidarity with Bradley Manning. On June 3rd he'll go to trial. Bradley Manning is a hero who must be defended by all of us who believe that telling the truth about the crimes of this system is not a crime!

Bradley Manning is also a gay hero who went WAY OUT for JUSTICE! Our contingent will honor him in the Annual Pride Parade (which conveniently happens to be the same day as the int'l day of support).

 Ride on the World Can't Wait truck or march in the parade! Drummers needed. Experienced or inexperienced. All ages welcome! Brian and Eric will lead the beat and everyone can join in with their drum, pan, tambourine... Bring a sign or pick up one of ours.   Get to Magic Island by 9:30am; the march starts at 10am.   Just look for the blue earth flags.  

By popular request our Reaper drone replica will also be on-board. We initially thought this was a stretch, and then thought about "Collateral Damage" - the video courageously revealed by Bradley Manning. Voicing our opposition to drone warfare, while honoring Bradley Manning suddenly seemed most appropriate!

 Last year more than 3,000 participated in the Pride Parade and Festival; more than 10,000 people watched from the sidelines. Pictures of our "float" were beamed around the world via cell phones, i-pads and cameras. Join us in honoring Bradley Manning and opposing drone warfare to help send a strong message of support for Bradley across the planet.

Bring water and sunscreen!    Signs and placards supporting Bradley Manning, Julian Assange, or against Drones will be great.  We'll be marching from Magic Island to Kapiolani Park where there will be a Pride Festival all afternoon. The truck will be returning to Magic Island immediately - and you can catch a ride back to your car if you need. Parking is usually available near Magic Island and is always available at Ala Moana Shopping Center.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Monsanto March Saturday, May 25

World Can't Wait has some great banners and signs for the march aganst Monsanto tomorrow!   Now we just need people to carry them.   Gather at Saratoga and Kalakaua at 10:30.   Then there will be a short mini-rally and the march will take off down Kalakaua Avenue to Kapiolani Park.   This march is part of a Global Day of Protest Against Monsanto that is happening in hundreds of cities around the world (including marches in Hilo, Kona, Maui and Kauai).   Be part of it.  Help us carry our main banner or pick up one of our small signs. 

 photo 54c586d1-70dc-4316-ad2d-063c990cac21_zps98357bfb.jpg  photo 36521bd0-f666-4f21-89dd-0cab9a47d724_zps929ad470.jpg photo 55b9dd12-ab16-4bb7-b33e-23da92aeeff3_zps9ff0342f.jpg photo 5dbcc59b-8439-4390-9fe6-829d27deca6a_zps5dd2c290.jpg

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Join World Can't Wait at the March Against Monsanto!

Join World Can't Wait-Hawaii at the Waikiki March Against Monstanto on Saturday, May 25th at 10:30 am.  Just look for the blue earth flags.  We'll have a few signs, or bring your own. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Shut Down Guantanamo!

Stop the Torture!
Close Guantanamo!
End the War Crimes and Violations of Fundamental Rights!

Take Action and Make a Difference!

This weekend marks the 100th day of the Guantanamo Hunger Strike. The courageous action of the hunger strikers has succeeded in bringing attention to the horrors of Guantanamo but that is not enough. Their voices must be amplified. Here are some of the actions you can take:

  * Join Junot Diaz, Daniel Ellsberg, Eve Ensler, Dave Eggers, Glenn Greenwald, Paul Haggis, Bianca Jagger, Erica Jong, Ron Kovic, Tom Morello, Mark Ruffalo, Carl Dix, Cindy Sheehan, and Cornel West Bianca Jagger, Ron Kovic, Medea Benjamin, Wallace Shawn, Ann Wright and hundreds more when you sign and donate toward the publication of a full-page Ad in demanding the closure of Guantanamo in the New York Times! Do it today at:  After you sign, send the ad to your friends and urge them to sign and donate.

* Join World Can't Wait-Hawai`i on Sunday, May 19, at 11am at the Hawai`i Book & Music Festival. We'll be standing in our orange jump suits to demand the closure of Guantanamo and will be passing out leaflets. Meet at the Revolution Books booth at the festival shortly before 11am. We'll be leafleting for an hour - leaving you plenty of time to check out the festival. If you can't make that hour, stop by the Revolution Books booth to pick up our World Can't Wait leaflet at any time on Saturday or Sunday and take some time to leaflet the crowd.  

  * Go to the World Can't Wait or Witness Against Torture websites/b> Get the latest information. At our actions we've learned that some people don't even know Guantanamo exists, and many more think it has been closed. Spread the truth!   Go to or

* Wear an orange armband.   

 * Download the national leaflet and make copies to distribute on the bus, in classrooms, at your church. If you attend religious services, request that your leaders express words of support.

“Let it not be forgotten that ten or more of the detainees were juveniles when they were imprisoned eleven years ago. The major portion of their lives has been lived under detention. The violations of the rights of all the Guantanamo prisoners apply doubly-harshly to these youngsters, whose minds have been irrevocably distorted. They have had no indicator - no indictment, no charge, no accusation, no explanation - as to why they are being held prisoner and cruelly punished. We owe them their lives!” —Rita Maran, Berkeley CA

Sunday, May 12, 2013


Saturday, June 1, 2013, 9am
Gay Pride Parade
Contingent to Support Bradley Manning!

June 1st is the Day of Action to Support Bradley Manning at Fort Meade, Maryland, where Bradley Manning will go to trial on June 3rd.Busloads of people will be coming in from cities across the U.S.

June 1st is also the Gay Pride Parade in Honolulu, where we will have a contingent to support Bradley Manning. Clear your calendar! Be sure you're at Magic Island at 9am on June 1st. Make sure your voice of support is heard (and seen).

As you may know, Bradley Manning was chosen to be a Grand Marshal at the San Francisco Pride Parade. Daniel Ellsberg was to ride in his place. But just days after the choice of Manning was announced, the Pride committee revoked the decision, issuing a baldly pro-military and anti-Bradley Manning statement that said in part: “[E]ven the hint of support for actions which placed in harm’s way the lives of our men and women in uniform—and countless others, military and civilian alike—will not be tolerated by the leadership of San Francisco Pride. Needless to say, this action provoked an enormous outcry - including from LGBTQ leaders and while Bradley Manning will not be Grand Marshal (at this point), Bradley will have a big presence within the parade, which will be on June 30th.

The Honolulu Pride Parade is among the earliest in the country and photos of our contingent will spread far and wide. Tell everyone you know and bring a big group of friends!

World Can't Wait will have a truck, huge pictures of Bradley Manning, along with Bradley Manning "masks". Everyone is invited to bring their own message of support. We're including a few photos of our contingent in the Gay Pride Parade several years ago. Let's make this year's much larger and even more visible!

To follow what's happening in the campaign to support Bradley Manning go to: