Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Good news!   We've raised the money for our drone and it should be here by the end of December!   We are still in the process of purchasing a "drywall lifter" that will hold the drone in the air, and above the heads of pedestrians on the sidewalks.   It's going to be amazing!

More good news!   World Can't Wait-Hawai`i has just received a grant from Hawai`i People's Fund to help with costs of its educational materials. 

Hold these dates:  

Saturday, December 29th.  President Obama has announced that he plans to be in Hawai`i over the holidays.  We're tentatively planning to be near his residence on Saturday morning (with our drone!).

Sunday, December 30th, 3pm at Revolution Books.  Ann Wright is scheduled to speak on her recent trip to Pakistan to join a delegation against drones.  She is currently in Gaza.  Given the current situation the date for her talk is tentative, but save the date and we'll send updates. 

January 21:  MLK Day Parade.  Save the date and tell your friends.  We're planning to have a BIG anti-drone presence in the parade!  

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