Thursday, July 18, 2013

March for Justice!

Rally and March for Justice!
Saturday, July 20, 6:30pm
Waikiki, corner of Kapahulu & Kalakaua
(near the Zoo entrance)

Justice for Trayvon Martin!
Justice for Kollin Elderts!
Justice for Stephen Dinnan!

Short rally at 6:30pm; march at 7pm. Bring signs.

* Demonstrations have been called in more than 100 cities this weekend to protest the "not guilty" verdict in the trial of George Zimmerman. This verdict slammed home the legacy of centuries of slavery and racism in the USA and has provoked much-needed rallies and marches, vigils and prayer services, town hall meetings and debates. We refuse to accept this verdict. Now is the time to act! We must continue to demand justice for Trayvon Martin!

* This is the second week of the trial of U.S. Special Agent Christopher Deedy, who was here to provide security for the APEC meeting in Honolulu. On November 5, 2011 Agent Deedy, after having been warned about "locals" by another Agent, got into an altercation with Kollin Elderts, a 23-year old Hawaiian man, at McDonald's Restaurant in Waikiki. Agent Deedy, who was drunk, pulled out his service weapon and shot Kollin in the chest. The facts are simple, but carry with them the history of more than a century of U.S. occupation, racism, and oppression. 

 * On June 5, 2013, Stephen Dinnan, a 35 year old local man was beaten and choked to death by a Honolulu police officer who was "investigating" a report of a stolen vehicle. On July 17 the Honolulu Medical Examiner ruled his death was a homicide(Star Advertiser, July 18). Stephen Dinnan had no prior record and there is no evidence that he was involved in the theft of the vehicle. No charges have been filed against the police officer, and the Honolulu Police Department has refused to comment. How many times will we allow a cop to go free after brutalizing and/or killing yet another person?

WE SAY NO MORE! We call on people of conscience to join us on Saturday night to demand justice!

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