Monday, September 9, 2013

No U.S. Attack on Syria!

On Friday afternoon, September 6th, about 20 people responded to World Can't Wait Hawai`i's call to protest U.S. plans to bomb Syria. Some came with their own signs; others picked up signs that had been made by World Can't Wait. One young woman said she didn't know it was happening but was so angry she was just carrying her sign with her when she heard we were protesting at the Federal Building and joined. A man who was driving by saw the protest, found parking and joined up.

Standing along Ala Moana Blvd during Friday afternoon rush hour, thousands of people stuck in stop-and- go traffic had time to read signs and respond. Some people honked their car horns, others held thumbs up or gave us a peace sign; others shot a shaka, while the majority passed by without indicating whether they agreed or disagreed.

For news of further protests be sure you're on the world can't wait mailing list. Just send an e-mail to and ask to be added to the e-list.

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