Tuesday, January 21, 2014

World Can't Wait Contingent in the MLK Day Parade!

By the time the MLK Day parade rolled out of the Magic Island Parking lot our flatbed truck was decorated with signs protesting drone warfare and our drone replica was flying high.  Five drummers sitting on the back of the truck kept up a beat for the entirety of the route from Magic Island to Kapiolani Park and Liz and Ali were on the bullhorns leading chants. 

Thousands participated in the parade and many more lined the 3-mile parade route through Waikiki.   As they saw our lead banner reading:  "Humanity and the Planet Come First" many clapped their approval, swayed their bodies or clapped to the drum beat,  and began snapping photos.   When they caught sight of the drone many more aimed their cameras upwards and snapped photos.   As one person in our contingent said afterwards,  "doing this is worth it just for all of the pictures."    Here are a few photos of our contingent:

 photo ceae62b7-afe8-4832-b7c6-e2dfc2daf9a0_zps7b280b1d.jpg
 photo IMG_0258_zpsb1be60de.jpg

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