Thursday, April 10, 2014

Signholding Against LANPAC

From 4-6pm on Wednesday afternoon 15 people joined a signholding to protest the LANPAC (Land and Power in the Pacific) Symposium and Exposition being held at the Sheraton Hotel in Waikiki.  

As thousands of people in cars, on bicycles, and riding tourist trolleys passed by the banner and signs lining Kalakaua Avenue,  many gave a thumbs up, shaka, or waved.  One trolley driver yelled a loud "Ku`e!" 

Several hundred leaflets were given to tourists at one of the busiest corners in Waikiki.  Many were puzzled as to why we were protesting in the heart of the tourist area, but when they heard that the military had organized an international conference to further militarize the Pacific many thanked us, including 2 soldiers and 4 tourists from the Middle East who took extra leaflets to give to their friends.   A few still asked what drones were, and there were many who said they felt safer with drones.  One even said she was against all wars, and was so thankful that we now had drones to keep wars from happening!  

This action the first of many that World Can't Wait-Hawai`i has called in solidarity with the national Spring Months of Action to End Drone Killings, Surveillance, and Global Militarization.   The next leafleting will be at the talk by Al Gore at the Stan Sherif Center (lower UH Manoa Campus) from 6-7 pm on Tuesday, April 15.  As one WCW activist said:  "If Al Gore really wants to help Hawai`i save its environment, he should help get the U.S. military out of Hawai`i!"  

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