Friday, June 6, 2014

Join the World Can't Wait Contingent in the Pride Parade

Join the World Can't Wait Contingent
in the 2014 Honolulu Pride Parade
Saturday, June 7
Meet at Magic Island by 9:30 am
(look for our blue world flag)

Chelsea Manning (born Bradley Manning), is a U.S. Army soldier and whistleblower who leaked documents to Wikileaks in 2010. The documents exposed the crimes of the U.S. Government in Iraq to millions. Chelsea is a whistleblower, whose courageous actions inspired people around the world.

Chelsea was arrested, held in solitary confinement,and then sentenced in August 2013 to 35 years in prison for telling the truth about U.S. crimes. Soon after that Manning announced that she was a trans woman.    This year Chelsea Manning was chosen as the Honorary Grand Marshal of the San Francisco Pride Parade - the largest pride parade in the world. Last year the Chelsea Manning contingent in the SF parade numbered 1,500! This year there will be Support Chelsea Manning contingents in Pride parades around the world. Our contingent will honor Chelsea Manning for her courage: There is no pride in killing people in other countries!     

 Join World Can't Wait-Hawai`i's contingent in Hawai`i's Pride Parade on Saturday. We'll have a truck decorated with signs supporting Chelsea. Our lead banner will read "Humanity and the Planet Come First." You can walk, ride on our truck, or bring your bicycle, scooter or skateboard. Bring your own signs speaking out against justice of any kind - or pick up one of ours. The parade will leave Magic Island at 10am before marching to Kapiolani Park via Kalakaua.   

 Thousands of people participate in Honolulu's Pride Parade, and thousands more line the street. Make your voices heard!       We'll have water on the truck; bring your own sunscreen. The truck will be returning to Magic Island immediately after the parade so you can get a ride back to the park if you like. There will be a Pride Festival at Kapiolani Park from 11am-4pm.   

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