Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Signholding Saturday at Obama's residence!
9am - 11am, Saturday Dec 20th
Corner of North Kalaheo & Kailuana
(near Aikahi Park Shopping Center

Drones - Torture - Guantanamo - Demilitarization....
Get your signs ready and join us Saturday!

Even while the world is reeling from the disclosure of some of the details of the U.S. torture program, drones are continuing to drop on the people of Iraq, Pakistan and Yemen. Drones are constantly buzzing over the Gaza Strip, creating an atmosphere of fear.

  Some are decrying the use of torture during the Bush administration, but little is being said about the Obama's drone program or Obama's "kill list" - all of which continue. Individuals targeted by drones have no opportunity to defend themselves; civilians in the vicinity of the assassination are written off as "collateral damage! Join us to demand that torturers be prosecuted. Join us in demanding an end to drone killing and surveillance.

 Whatever your issue, join us this Saturday!

 World Can't Wait-Hawai`i will bring some posters you can use or come with your own. We suggest parking at Aikahi Shopping Center and walking back toward Kailua along Kalaheo (Kailuana is only a few blocks away, just across the bridge). Contact your friends to car-pool. A car will leave the Revolution Books parking lot at 8:15 am if you need a ride -- but seats are limited so we suggest you e-mail to make sure there's space.

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