Tuesday, January 20, 2015

World Can't Wait Contingent in the MLK Day Parade

2,000 people marched from Magic Island to Kapiolani Park in this year's MLK Day Parade; many more thousands watched from the sidewalks along the route.

World Can't Wait-Hawai`i had a strong contingent:  Joel freestyled from the flatbed truck, accompanied to the beat of drummers, the huge drone replica flew above the truck, and banners linked the drone war on people around the world with the epidemic of police brutality and murder.  Marchers held signs opposing police brutality, the U.S's use of drones for warfare and surveillance, and for the freedom of Palestinians. 

Many people along the route clapped or moved to the drums and when Joel rapped out "Hands Up! Down't Shoot!" many raised their hands in an international show of solidarity with the victims of police brutality and murder.   Folowing are just a few photos:

 photo leadbannerMLK_zps737c8ee7.jpg

 photo MLKtruckgood_zpsd2e4fb42.jpg

 photo MLKdrummers2_zps9b691982.jpg

 photo MLKdrone1_zpsa01811f2.jpg
 photo MLKPalestinianstudent_zpsa6ed3c94.jpg

 photo MLKcrowdgood_zps3711062e.jpg

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