Friday, August 1, 2014

August 5 - Protest to End U.S.-Backed Israeli War Crimes!

Tuesday, August 5, 4-6pm
Protest to End U.S. Support for Israeli War Crimes Against Occupied Palestine

On each of the past three Tuesdays more than 100 people have come out to protest Israel's vicious assault on Gaza.   About 70 people marched from the State Capitol to the corner of Atkinson & Ala Moana holding signs, drumming, and chanting.  At Ala Moana/Atkinson they joined about 30 more who were holding signs.

What's happening in Gaza is Genocide!  Three UN refugee centers bombed.  More than 1.8 million people trapped in conditions that have been compared to those of the Warsaw Ghetto.   People told by Israel to flee their homes to refugee centers, where they are then bombed by Israel!   More than 1400 dead.  More than 8,200 wounded..  More than 80% of the casualties are civilians.  Drones flying overhead 24-7, creating an atmosphere of constant fear.

At the same time, the U.S. shamelessly re-arms Israel with military weaponry even their own generals describe as "imprecise."   In our names!

Silence = Complicity!   Speak out everywhere -- in your churches, in your classrooms, among your friends and at your workplace.  Urge people to join the weekly actions to publicly speak out against U.S./Israeli war crimes!    Write letters to the editors.  Call the media to demand that they cover the demonstrations (news of local protests has been notably missing!

Following are a few photos from the last march.
 photo c695f9ec-2d91-40e6-9585-b546a091a86e_zpsc5593fb6.jpg

 photo d0c59568-9c56-4a17-9fe8-77765baeabdf_zps4419184a.jpg

 photo 2e4e1f14-1186-4856-85f8-c7a91dc7b8d5_zps32fbb133.jpg

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