Thursday, August 7, 2014

Date: August 7, 2014
Subject: Urgent Calls to Action!

Following are two Calls to Action. The first is a protest to End U.S. Support of Israel; the second is to respond to the verdict of Christopher Deedy. '

Protest and Rally!
End U.S. Support for Israel!
John Kerry: You have the blood on your hands!
Wednesday, August 13 (time to be announced)
In front of Kennedy Theatre (across from the East-West Center)

John Kerry is the front-man for the Obama administration's support for Israeli war crimes in Palestine. He has repeatedly reassured Israel of the U.S.'s support for their war crimes. He announced the U.S. was providing Israeli with additional military support, including mortar ammunition that even the U.S. military describes as "imprecise," even as civilians were being murdered by those same weapons.

John Kerry will speak at the East-West Center on his return from a Asia-Pacific tour that includes talks in Burma, Australia, and the Solomon Islands (tour). The tour focuses on U.S. relations with ASEAN countries, especially U.S.-Australia military relations designed to strengthen U.S. control in the region.

This protest, called by Hawai`i Coalition for Justice in Palestine, will hold John Kerry and the US administration responsible for supporting war crimes against Palestine, and connect these to conditions of Occupation in Palestine and the Pacific. Prior to the protest there will be a rally with speakers from Movement for Aloha No ka ʻĀina (MANA), World Can't Wait, Friends of Sabeel, and UH-M (among others). More info is available on Facebook at "Hawaii Coalition for Justice in Palestine." The specific time of John Kerry's remarks at the East-West Center has not been announced but we expect it to be in the late afternoon or early evening. Watch for updates.

Justice for Kollin Elderts!

The trial of Christopher Deedy has ended and the jury is now in deliberations. A verdict could come be announced at any time.

World Can't Wait-Hawai`i urges everyone who can to go to the Courthouse (Punchbowl & Halekauwila) between 4-6 on the afternoon of the verdict to support the Elderts family regardless of the verdict.

If the verdict is anything other than murder or manslaughter (i.e. acquittal or assault) there World Can't Wait-Hawai`i is calling for a protest demanding JUSTICE FOR KOLLIN ELDERTS on the day after the verdict. Gather in front of the Honolulu Zoo with your signs, banners, drums, and noisemakers. We will march through Waikiki. (A few T-shirts are still available at Revolution Books for $5) More information will be sent out shortly and we'll send an alert as soon as we hear the verdict. Check your e-mail regularly

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