Tuesday, April 23, 2013


ACT NOW! Sign the petition. Wear an orange armband. Find ways to support the hunger strikers and strengthen the demand to Shut Down Guantanamo and End Indefinite Detention!

The hunger strike at Guantanamo is in its 76th day.

Guantanamo acknowledges that 86 detainees at Guantanamo are on hunger strike. 16 are being force-fed. 9 are in the hospital.

 Shaker Aamer has been on hunger strike more than 70 days. Experts say he has already suffered "irreversible damage" and may die and yet he remains committed to the hunger strike. Shaker Aamer has been detained without charge or trial at Guantanamo for eleven years. 

166 men remain imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay, 157 haven't been charged. 86 were "cleared for release" several years ago but the Obama administration refuses to release them.

The situation at Guantanamo is dire and demands that we act.

A small group of determined activists across the country have been on the streets in orange jump suits daily. Yesterday 12 people from Witness Against Torture were arrested at a "die-in" on the Federal Courthouse steps in NYC. Letters from prisoners, messages from their attorneys, and actions across the country have all helped bring world-wide attention to the hunger strike. But much more needs to be done!

What can you do?

Sign the petition at: petition today!

 Wear an orange armband or a piece of orange tape to show solidarity with the hunger strikers and initiate conversations with people.

 Put a sign supporting the Guantanamo hunger strikers in your window.

 Pick up a piece of chalk and write a message on the sidewalk (or even write "Close Gitmo" on the beach sand).  

We have orange jumpsuits available to anyone who can initiate an action (or even stand on the sidewalk alone with a sign saying "Guantanamo hunger strike - 76 days".

 Download the leaflet on the national website and pass them out in your class or your church.

Spread the word about the hunger strike to everyone you know and urge them to act! We recommend two websites for articles, analyses, and reports on actions. World Can't Wait and Witness Against Torture. Go to them regularly for the most up-to-date information.


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