Thursday, April 25, 2013

Protest at Wheeler AFB Saturday, April 27

Drones are weapons of terror. They kill cmbatants and civilians, children and adults, men and women, alike.
Extrajudicial assassinations by killer drones violate U.S. and International law.

Surveillance drones threaten our liberties, spying on communities and borders, invading personal privacy.

Protest this weekend!

On O`ahu we'll be at Wheeler AFB. On the Big Island activists will be at Pohakuloa on Sunday from 10am until noon.. An ad against drone warfare will appear in the Hawai`i Herald this weekend. This is all part of a national month of protests happening across the U.S. Here are the details about our protest at Wheeler AFB:

In Honolulu: Meet at Church of the Crossroads Parking lot before 9am. A car caravan will leave for Wahiawa at 9am.  Protest near the Higgins Road Gate to Wheeler AFB in Wahiawa from 10am-12noon. There's parking space and a safe place to protest along Kamehameha Highway at the Wahiawa Community Garden directly across from Wheeler.

 World Can't Wait-Hawai`i will have the big drone replica, banners, signs and leaflets. You can also bring your own signs with your personal message.  

For more information about drones go to the World Can't Wait website at For info about the national anti-drone campaign go to:

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